At a press conference yesterday, it was announced that effective April 1, 2024, the Governor is directing all Commonwealth agencies under his jurisdiction to examine all contract solicitations to determine if the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) is appropriate.

The press release stated, “Pennsylvania law permits the inclusion of PLAs in certain solicitations, provided they do not preclude any contractor from bidding on the project, the bidding process is open to both union and nonunion contractors without discrimination, and the use of nonunion labor is allowed. PLAs are appropriate in situations where the PLA requirement relates to the need for the prompt completion of the project or concerns with the availability of qualified labor.”

The release further stated that, “The Governor’s new guidance also calls for PLAs to be used on all future projects in every instance where the requisite urgency, complexity, and availability of qualified labor are demonstrated.”

In 2019, Commonwealth Court ruled that a PLA requirement in a 2017 PennDOT project solicitation was in violation of procurement law. APC will consider the ramifications of the governor’s directive and the APC Board will discuss any potential action by the association.

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