It is with sadness that we mark the passing of Henry L. “Hank” Heck. From 1980 to 2001, Hank served as APC’s third Executive Vice President having started with the association in 1969 as Field Representative.

Borrowing from then PennDOT Secretary Brad Mallory, “throughout 32 years of service, Hank remained a consummate professional, you knew you could always count on Hank for his continued support. In fact, he deserves a good deal of the credit for times being so good now.”

Hank’s tenure as executive vice president began during the Thornbrugh administration with the passage of the Oil Company Franchise Tax, which has funded billions of dollars of highway projects over the ensuing decades. He led APC through several other funding efforts.

Hank provided leadership with APC fighting residency requirements for contractors and defeating government agencies attempting to intrude on private businesses such as the City of Pittsburgh’s 1990s attempt to sell asphalt to municipalities and regional governments purchasing and renting equipment in competition with private industry.

There were also many cooperative efforts as APC and PennDOT started the Risk Allocation Committee and other joint partnering programs while Hank was APC’s executive.

Hank was a mentor to many staff members and association executives in Pennsylvania and around the country who borrowed from his philosophy of creating a partnership with owner agencies while ensuring a level playing field for APC’s contractor members. He left a lasting legacy for the highway construction industry and the association management profession.

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