ACPA/PA Chapter, ACEC/PA, APC, CAEP, CAWP, PACA, PAPA, and PennGCC once again are calling on Governor Wolf to permanently move the entire Motor License Fund portion of the State Police budget back to the General Fund. (FY 2023 – $641.39 million) and to use Motor Vehicle License Fund revenues to fund PennDOT’s pay-as-you-go capital program and/or as debt service retirement.

The current state budget diverts more than 11 cents per gallon of the state’s gas tax is not going to road improvements. Since the 2013 passage of Act 89, some $5 billion in user fees have been diverted to the General Fund to supplement the State Police budget.

Go here to see the letter the associations sent today to Governor Wolf. In the coming weeks, we will launch an advocacy campaign to continue pushing the governor and the General Assembly to end the budgetary maneuver and fund roads and bridges with user fees.