The U.S. Senate has begun debate on the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act—a five-year measure that includes a roughly 25% increase in federal highway funding. Final action is expected before the end of this week.

Please review a summary sheet to learn more about the formula funds your state would receive. Additional information can be found here.

As reported during yesterday’s APC Online Update, under the formulas, we estimate that PA will see an increase of about $375 million in FY 2022 which grows at the rate of about $50 million per year over five years. There is also a Bridge funding program which will net annually about $220 million to the Commonwealth. We estimate this could increase PennDOT lettings between $450 and $500 million per year.

It’s now up to transportation design and construction professionals to get the bill over the legislative goal line.

Please use the ARTBA Grassroots Action Center and contact your senators via email and Twitter TODAY.

Tell them to support passage of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act.