With the governor’s April 22 announcement that all construction can resume May 1, PennDOT and the PA Turnpike are accelerating to restart most projects. On May 1, most areas of the state will see all currently shutdown projects move to restart. However, some areas, particularly in COVID-19 “Hot Spots” may see some projects not restart immediately. All contractors will receive communication by early next week regarding the status of their projects. In addition, about 50 projects will be moved to restart prior to May 1. Contractors on those jobs will be notified shortly, as early as Friday, April 24.

The Restart Task Force which includes Chuck Niederriter, Al Hoffman, Scott Grannas, and Geoff Clarke met today to discuss the process of getting ready for May 1. The three-phases in the Restart Guidance document will be changed. Some minor revisions will be made to the Supplemental Safety Plan portion to provide links to the Department of Health Guidelines. APC has asked for Central Office to provide guidance to Districts on negotiating costs for the shutdown, etc. APC is preparing a list of cost areas (including but not limited to) for review with the Department.