Your Collective Voice Made a Difference

Lawmakers have approved a general fund budget for FY 2021-22 and Governor Wolf is expected to sign it this week. Because the industry stood up and spoke up, there is now an additional $279 million allocated to road and bridge work in Pennsylvania for this fiscal year.

This is a result of an all-hands-on-deck effort that included over 3000 emails and social media touchpoints, countless meetings and calls with legislators, a state-wide media campaign through print, radio and television platforms, and constant coordination with association partners including ACEC-PA, ACPA, CAEP, CAWP, PAPA and PACA.

We sought more but nevertheless achieved a short-term win for the highway construction industry – a demonstration that advocacy does work and is so very necessary to continue growing the program.

The need for sustainable long-term funding solutions remains to be addressed, as does the diversion of highway dollars to State Police operations. Moving forward, APC will focus its efforts on these issues and continue to push for policies that advance the highway construction industry.

But first, we take a moment to celebrate this short-term infusion to the program and recognize that when we mobilize and come together as an industry, we can make a significant impact.

APC will continue to stay in communication with the Department and provide updates to our members and the industry as we receive more details regarding how the funds will be utilized. Please call the APC office with any questions.