A meeting was held Monday, November 30, 2020 with the governor and legislative leaders that will, for now, avoid a shutdown of existing PennDOT construction and design contracts.

State Treasurer Joe Torsella announced Wednesday that he was able to find monies to keep PennDOT operating. Treasurer Torsella indicated that he can fund the Department’s operations through the end of the fiscal year, subject to PennDOT’s decisions regarding cash flow management. We appreciate the actions by the Treasurer to keep current projects active.

Yesterday, the Department told APC that, while current jobs will not be shutdown, it will move projects slated to bid December 10 to at least January 14 and possibly beyond. To view all the jobs now scheduled for Jan. 14, go HERE.

For greater detail on the matter, we encourage you to view yesterday’s APC Online Update which includes a presentation on the fiscal situation.

We will provide additional updates as information becomes available and during our next scheduled online update on Dec. 9. go HERE to register.