The following is up on ECMS today and is verified via conversations between APC and PennDOT. “The current planned bid openings on February 11th and February 19th are proceeding as scheduled. Additionally, project advertisements are underway for the March bid openings. In addition to the already scheduled bid openings on March 11th and March 25th, bid openings will be added for March 4th and March 18th.”

PennDOT has advised that guidance regarding federal COVID Relief Funds has been discussed (although final guidance has not yet been received) and the Department is comfortable moving forward with lettings. That said, PennDOT has set its 2021 total letting estimates to total of $1.9 billion for calendar 2021 (including the December 2020 letting that was essentially pushed to January) with hopes of increasing that number. Whether this can happen is dependent on future Motor License Fund revenue levels. We will report more as we receive information.

However, this is good news as PennDOT appears to be back in business.