PennDOT issued a strike off letter implementing one of the TQI team’s recommendations increasing the opportunities for contractors to order and receive payment for stored materials before incorporation into the work.

Below is what can occur to implement this recommendation:

  •  If the contractor identifies a contract item of work on the project that ECMS indicates “not eligible” for stored material prepayments that should be “eligible” according to Pub. 408, Section 110.06, the project team should contact John Burnett at (717) 787-7035 or or Michael Smeal at (717) 787- 7034 or to update that contract item of work as “eligible” for stored material prepayments in ECMS.
  • If the contractor submits a written request via PPCC to waive or reduce the 30- day minimum storage period for stored material prepayments, follow the guidance provided in the ECMS Authorization Instructions to reduce the minimum storage period for stored material prepayments to 15-days.