The Risk Allocation Committee met virtually on March 3, 2021. The meeting was run by PennDOT Chief of Construction & Materials Division Christine Norris (Reilly).  Also attending the meeting were some of the District ADE’s & other staff from the Materials Lab and Central Office.  Some of the topics discussed are detailed below.

  • Selective Testing of Haz. & Reg. Fill – The Department is working with DEP to obtain the new contact who will be working on this from their end. The Secretary’s of both agencies are to be getting together in March to discuss the 3 points of interest from the Department/Industry and present the letter prepared which details this information. The three key areas which are being addressed are as follows; 1.not specify the waste issues within the design 2. Establish background levels that are naturally occurring for the area & 3. Treat each Engineering District R.O.W. as a single permit. We anticipate hearing more concerning once the Secretaries have their meeting.
  • Automation of Bituminous /Diesel Index – The Department reported that they still anticipate this taking place in the Spring of 2021.
  • Water Diversion designs for small Structures – There have been issues in the field with small structures and diverting the waters while under construction. APC is working to form a focus group to discuss the field issues and design practices issues. If you have an interest in being included in this focus group please contact Aaron Hoover at the APC office (
  • Enforcement of laydown areas, waste areas located outside the LOD – was reported by Mark Lombard that this issue is very limited to the counties that it has been happening within and it is being interpreted incorrectly by the officials from DEP. Mark will follow up with DEP/Department to make sure things are corrected.
  • E-Certs The Department stated pilot project will again be District-wide this season and become mandatory for 2022. The Department will check with John Burdett on any issues from 2020 season.
  • UAS flight language update – Department is looking to add language to the 408 for flights by contractors requiring coordination with Department. The PTC recommended they get together to share the language already utilized by the PTC for contractor flights.

If you have additional concerns with anything mentioned or discussed above or anything else concerning Risk Allocation please contact Aaron Hoover at the APC office (