Yesterday, APC met with key District 8-0 and Central Office personnel at a Senior Leadership Meeting. The industry was well represented by over a dozen contractors. Chris Drda, Acting D.E. who recently took over for Mike Keiser (who was promoted to Acting Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration) provided the opening remarks. Kevin Keefe A.D.E. of Construction lead the meeting and covered the following agenda items.

  • Staff Changes
  • MPT Holiday Restrictions
  • Guiderail Installer Certification
  • eTicketing – Vaughn Schlachter, P.E., Construction Services Engineer (CSE)
  • eCertification – Vaughn Schlachter, P.E., CSE
  • eSignature Process
  • Flatwork Finishers Certification
  • Epoxy Overlay Spec – John Eisenhart, P.E., Structure Control Engineer
  • District 8 Let Program – Steve Moore, P.E., Acting ADE-Design

Discussion items were not presented to the industry prior to the meeting. However, APC members expressed concerns regarding the ongoing issues with materials availability and extremely long lead time. Specifically, items mentioned were, precast boxes, light poles, and paint products. The department stated they will look into each issue on a project-to-project basis.

If you have any further questions or other material supply issues, please let APC know or reach out to Aaron Hoover.