June numbers are out. The PA Department of Revenue released the June revenue collection numbers this week and, as expected, projected shortfalls continue. It was reported that the state Motor License Fund (MLF) received $246.9 million for the month, $6.2 million below estimate. Collections for the fiscal year-to-date are $2.7 billion, which is $186.4 million, or 6.5 percent, below estimate.

With the close out of the state fiscal year, APC is working with PennDOT to determine if their initial two-year, $800 million impact to the MLF is still anticipated. As mentioned earlier, the state Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) estimated a nearly $150 million impact on the current fiscal year but a more optimistic outlook on the FY 2020-21 as the economy looks to recover and reopen. It is worth noting that the 6.5% below estimate impact from the Department of Revenue is below the estimate APC predicted which was an approximate decline of 10% due to COVID-19.

On the General Fund side, the fiscal year closed at $3.2 billion, or 9.1 percent, below estimate.

A “win” for the Governor. We reported to you that the General Assembly attempted to pass a special resolution, HR 836, that in its opinion ended the emergency declaration imposed by Governor Wolf back in March. That legal matter, however, was tossed into the fray of the State Supreme Court which issued it ruling this week. To read about the background of this political battle, GO HERE.

In a 5-2 decision along political ideological lines, the state Supreme Court tossed out the motion from GOP lawmakers to end the governor’s COVID-19 emergency disaster declaration. The ruling ends the month-long standoff between the legislative and executive branch over the matter and handed the governor a victory in his attempts at managing the pandemic.

Following the ruling, Governor Wolf and state Department of Health Secretary Rachel Levine issued a new order expanding the facemask wearing requirements. To read more about that new order, GO HERE.

APC will monitor future guidance on this new order for potential impacts to COVID-19 mitigation procedures on transportation construction job sites.