No longer acting

This week, the State Senate made it official and confirmed Michael B. Carroll as the new Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation. Governor Shapiro nominated Carroll as PennDOT secretary in January and he carried the “acting” title until the Senate confirmed the appointment.

Secretary Carroll is no stranger to the highway construction industry. He was previously the minority chairman of the House Transportation Committee in the General Assembly up through 2022. Carroll did not seek re-election to the House, which enabled him to take the top job at PennDOT in 2023. Carroll served in the General Assembly from 2006 to 2022.

APC congratulates Secretary Carroll on his appointment and looks forward to his leadership of PennDOT and working with him on advancing Pennsylvania’s infrastructure goals.

House Transportation Committee holds electric vehicle fees hearing

This week, the House Transportation Committee held a public hearing on the establishment of electric vehicle fees in Pennsylvania. As part of those proceedings, APC submitted testimony with the assistance of ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center. The testimony contained an analysis of the 32 other states already establishing some level of an electric vehicle fee. APC asserted its support for “the implementation of highway user fees on electric vehicles in Pennsylvania” and further stated, “that electric vehicle owners must pay their fair share towards road maintenance and upkeep in a similar manner to owners of gasoline and diesel vehicles.”

We don’t know when or if the House will take up legislation on this topic, but we will remain vigilant should they decide. To view APC’s testimony, go here.

Future schedule
The House adjourned until Monday, May 22, but the Senate plans to return for three days of voting session next week.