Gearing up for the final push. The halls of the state capitol were quiet this week due to Monday’s state holiday and the fact that the state House and Senate were not in session. However, both chambers were gearing up for three scheduled session days next week, which will represent the last scheduled days before the fall November General Election.

On the transportation front, a bill that could be considered next week is House Bill 2065 which would make changes to the state’s Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) law. The bill is in position to move and would expand the areas in which PPP’s can be used in the Commonwealth. It is unclear if this bill will be scheduled for an actual vote, but we’ll continue to monitor and report to you if any actions are taken.

Have you seen APC’s Civic Action Center? Who will be the candidates on your local ballot on November 3? Are you registered to vote? Where is your polling place? Who are your elected officials?

These are all questions that can now be answered via APC’s newly launched Civic Action Center. GO HERE and input your information to learn if you’re able to vote…where you vote…how to do a mail-in ballot…and so much more. APC launched this tool that you and your family, coworkers, and employees can use to help make fulfilling your civic duty as smooth as possible. Please visit this part of our website today!

Remember, Election Day is November 3. Do your duty and represent the highway construction industry by exercising your right to vote in person or by mail.