Work zone camera reauthorization bills slowly move forward
A series of bills have been moved into position to finally extend the existing Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement System in Pennsylvania.  The program, first established in 2018, contained a five-year sunset, which expires at year’s end.  Three bills are now “in play” to remove the sunset provision and allow the program to remain as current law.  APC has been working with the General Assembly to ensure the program continues.  We expect action on these bills to occur later this month.

A taxing situation…
What was considered a rare display of bipartisanship in the State House quickly broke down when Democrats unexpectedly adopted a series of changes to a tax bill before passing it by a narrow 102-101 vote on Tuesday night.  The tax code bill is one of several budget-related measures needing adoption to complete the state’s FY 2023-24 budget.  While House Republicans applauded the provisions in the bill to continue the lowering of the Corporate Net Income Tax rate, they accused Democrats of reneging on their deal by adopting additional requirements that would also implement combined reporting, which requires a company and its subsidiaries to file a combined tax return that includes income from multiple subsidiaries.  Democrats also added language allowing medical marijuana producers to exempt a greater share of their operating losses and a new $50 million film industry tax credit.  The GOP claims these provisions will cost the Commonwealth upwards of $1.5 billion over the next three years.  The bill now heads to the Senate, which is likely to make several changes before sending it to the Governor.  Stay tuned…

Moving Election Day?
The House is expected to take up legislation today that would change the date of the 2024 Primary Election.  The Senate has already passed legislation that would move the date to the first Tuesday in April instead of the current date of April 23, which coincides with the celebration of Passover in the Jewish faith.  House Democrats, however, would like to move the Pennsylvania primary election to March 5, the famous “Super Tuesday” election, where 19 other states already have their primary elections scheduled.  While making this change may not seem like a big deal, doing so would trigger a series of candidate filing requirements that must begin as early as December 2023.  Officials in both parties are not sure the state’s counties can react quickly enough to implement any changes to the current date of April 23.

Future schedule
The Senate and House adjourned for the Columbus Day holiday weekend and plan to return on Monday, October 16, for three days of voting session that week.