Hearing on Automated Speed Enforcement

The fall legislative session began this week with the State Senate convening for three days of voting session. Kicking off the week was a public hearing by the Senate Transportation Committee on Automated Enforcement of Traffic Violations. Senators used the hearing to examine the various ways Pennsylvania currently uses–or seeks to use–cameras to enforce traffic laws across the state. Front and center before the committee are two pieces of legislation to continue the Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement (AWZSE) program, first established in 2018 but limited to a five-year pilot program. APC and other industry organizations seek to renew this successful program indefinitely. APC previously testified on this subject to the committee and was asked to submit testimony this time. To view a copy of APC’s testimony, go HERE.

Senate Bill 748, sponsored by Senators David Argall (R-Schuylkill) and Judy Swank (D-Berks), seeks to remove the sunset of the AWZSE program and establish a first-offense level fine of $25. House Bill 1284, sponsored by Rep. Ed Neilson (D-Philadelphia), initially sought to remove the sunset provision and make several administrative changes to the law. However, the language was removed after a disagreement with the Administration. Neilson has since re-introduced the bill as House Bill 1662 and seeks to move it forward before the end of the fall legislative session.

APC is aggressively seeking to have the AWZSE program extended before the General Assembly adjourns at the end of the year. In the next few weeks, we will call upon the industry to contact their legislators, urging them to enact a bill to extend the program and not allow it to sunset at the end of the year.