PA Municipal Election Recap

Some downstream effects on PA General Assembly will follow
As all “political eyes” were perhaps on the states of Virginia and New Jersey, Pennsylvania did have an election in which the Republicans had a very good night. Republicans swept the statewide races going 4 for 4 by electing judges to the PA Supreme Court, Superior Court and two judges to the PA Commonwealth Court. Kevin Brobson will take a seat on the Supreme Court and Megan Sullivan will take a seat on the Superior Court. Stacy Wallace and Drew Crompton will take seats on the Commonwealth Court. The elections, however, did not change the political makeup of the Supreme Court as Democrats will maintain a 5-2 advantage.

The election did have some downstream effects on the PA General Assembly, setting up a few special elections and perhaps changes going into 2022. State Representatives Ed Gainey (D-Allegheny) and Tarah Toohill (R-Luzurne) both won local races and will now be leaving the General Assembly. Gainey was elected Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh and Toohill was elected to a judgeship to the Luzern Court of Common Pleas. State Senate Minority Transportation Chairman John Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) was also elected to a county judge spot so he also will be leaving the General Assembly. All three vacancies will be filled with Special Elections early next year. The departure of Sabatina will result in a new Transportation Committee Minority Chairman being appointed in the Senate in the weeks ahead.

A small bright spot for Democrats on election night was Thom Welby and Gina Curry being elected to fill open state representative seats. Welby took the seat previously held by now State Senator Marty Flynn in Lackawanna County and Curry filled the seat previously held by Margo Davidson (who resigned earlier this year) in Delaware County. Both seats were previously held by Democrats and were not seen as competitive races for the GOP.

So, where do we go from here? Well…2022! Next year represents a major political year in Pennsylvania. Up for election next year will be an open Governor and U.S. Senator spot, all congressional seats, all 203 PA state representative seats, and 25 of the 50 PA state senate seats. So, brace yourselves…the 2022 election cycle has already begun.