Guide Rail Installation, Inspection and Maintenance Webinar

04/28/21 – 04/29/21
This two-day training course provides information necessary for optimal installing, maintaining, and/or inspecting barriers systems. The course audience includes contractors and inspectors that do work in the state of Pennsylvania.
This course is presented in a classroom setting and topics include:

  • The “roadside safety” concept and when a traffic barrier may be needed
  • The basics of standard barrier and transition testing requirements and performance characteristics
  • The basics of end treatment testing requirements and performance characteristics
  • The principles of standard barrier section installation to optimize performance
  • The identification of important features of proper installation and frequently observed installation errors of which installers and inspectors need to be aware
  • Some maintenance considerations

Proprietary Traffic Barriers & End Treatments Webinar

05/11/21 – 05/14/21
This course is primarily targeted to inspectors having direct responsibility for inspecting installation of traffic barriers (including transitions to other systems), end terminals and crash cushions. The overall course goal is to make construction/maintenance engineers and inspectors sensitive to accurate installation and consequences of decisions made during field inspection. The course addresses the need for guide rail/end treatment systems layout parameters that ensure an optimal barrier installation. The focus will be on installation of MASH products.