Partnering Award

I-83 Shrewsbury Exit

PennDOT District 8-0, Erdman Anthony, Kinsley Construction, Inc., Gannett Fleming, Inc.

The I-83 Shrewsbury Exit project consisted of improving and re-configuring the I-83 Exit 4 Interchange into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) in Shrewsbury Borough, Shrewsbury Township, and Hopewell Township. The design solution was selected to alleviate congestion within the existing interchange, improve efficiency, and increase safety by bringing the surrounding features up to current standards.

A formal partnering meeting started the process with numerous stakeholders in attendance. The group identified common goals of wanting to build a safe, quality project, as well as understand there may be fundamental differences in how to go about achieving those goals. Collectively, the group developed a partnering charter to summarize their vision and mission statement. The group also identified potential schedule impacts as being one of the biggest items of concern, specifically, utility relocation efforts.

Routine partnering meetings were conducted throughout construction to provide a vehicle to maintain lines of communication, define concerns, and collectively work on resolving issues. Communication with stakeholders was a key to the project’s success, to include local entities, utility owners, regulating agencies, and the traveling public. The project team was able to successfully navigate numerous environmental challenges and maintain effective relationships with the associated agencies. Kinsley and the Department worked together to mitigate a significant utility delay, address impacts from a COVID-19 work suspension, and resolve numerous field issues. Despite setbacks, all concerns were resolved at the field level to the satisfaction of all involved parties, with zero claims or further arbitration required.


PTC Southern Beltway SR0576 Section 55C2-1

PA Turnpike Commission, Walsh Construction Company, CDR Maguire, ms consultants, inc.

Section 55C2-1 of the current 13-mile segment under construction is the Southern Beltway interchange with I-79, a key element of the toll road, and the last piece of the puzzle to complete a direct 19-mile link from Interstate 79 and points south from the Pittsburgh International airport. It’s also the most
challenging and complex section.

Section 55C2-1 is a $180 million project which consists of a full Interchange between I-79 and Toll Road 576 (Southern Beltway), including a half Interchange with Morganza Road. In addition to 2 miles of new eastbound and westbound mainline highway, the construction includes 9 new ramps totaling 7.5 miles in length, and a bi-directional third lane widening of 3.5 miles of Interstate 79 within the existing median.

A moderated kick-off meeting with a signed charter set the stage for partnering through the duration of the project. Throughout the project the team followed a structured approach to resolve issues and work together to support each other’s goals. Project offices were co-located to foster continued communications while weekly, informal partnering meetings at the project level continued. These efforts proved to be effective tools to build trust and promote a mutually open forum to work through issues together. The parties continue to partner at all levels to close out the project, and agree that to use the lessons of open communication, escalation of issues and partnering culture on the future projects, as well.

Community Connection & Enhancement Award

67185 Freedom Road Turnpike Bridge

PennDOT District 10-0, PA Turnpike Commission, Cranberry Township

The 67185 Freedom Road Turnpike Bridge project was the replacement and widening of the bridge over the PA Turnpike on SR 3020 in Cranberry Township. The project added a shared use path for pedestrians and bicyclists to both sides of the bridge where previously there were no facilities for either. This safety enhancement provides for the potential of opening a gateway to future expansions of trails and community connections along this corridor for Cranberry Township.

The project also expanded roadway capacity from a three-lane configuration to six lanes with expanded interconnected signal systems to address congestion in the area. Additionally, the widening of the structure provided for future expansion of the PA Turnpike.

Cranberry Township provided community input to the project through design and construction to connect to their pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the community.

Community Connection & Enhancement Award

The I-579 Urban Open Space Cap

HDR, Fay, S&B USA Construction, PennDOT District 11-0

The I-579 Urban Open Space “Cap” Project is a new three-acre green space bridging over the interstate. This first-of-its-kind project seeks to remedy historical development that harmed the Hill District by reconnecting this predominantly African American neighborhood to the resources and opportunities of Downtown Pittsburgh. The Hill was separated from Downtown in the 1950s when entire blocks of homes and businesses were demolished for “urban renewal” and I-579 was built, creating a concrete canyon of tall retaining walls and noisy interstate traffic.

Community connection was the central goal of this project to bridge this canyon, so a robust community listening and interactive design process was utilized to obtain input from residents of the Hill. This process led to integrated art-like seat drums and chimes created by local artists, bike pathways, and green infrastructure that enables stormwater capture through educational rain gardens.


Urban Engineers, Inc.

Three focus areas in which Urban has excelled in diversity and inclusion include:

Recruiting Strategies – Urban is not only committed to providing equal employment opportunities, but being a consciously diverse employer. The firm has actively taken steps to attract more diverse talent by participating in job fairs at historically black colleges and universities, increased prescense at veterans’ career fairs and outreach to minority- and women-focused publications.

Corporate Awareness and Training – Urban has conducted diversity and inclusion focused internal training, which has been required for all managers, as well as many networking, mentoring, and topic sessions for the Urban Women’s Professional Network and the Urban Younger Member’s Forum.

Community Outreach – Outreach is led by Urban’s talented and dedicated staff who volunteer their time to many organizations that promote the A/E/C industry and service minority communities. Specifically, organizations Urban has been involved with that support their D&I initiatives include the ACE Mentor Program, the Spark Program, and Philadelphia’s WorkReady program. By supporting programs that promote STEM, they help increase the diversity in our industry.


The Women’s Network
PA Turnpike Commission

The PTC Women’s Network is a voluntary, employee-led resource group that fosters a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the PTC Strategic mission, vision, and goals. Its objective is to enrich the development of women in their professional careers by providing opportunities to connect, mobilize, network, and participate in mentoring activities while supporting work-life balance.

During the pandemic, the network served as a catalyst in reaching out to employees who were struggling with the effects of pandemic-related losses, connection and familiarity with daily work routines and interpersonal relationships.

The network launched a “Coffee Connection” session that was offered to all employees on the topic of “Teleworking and You!” with 197 employees virtually logging in. As of January 2022, the network has continued to deliver the weekly Coffee Connection Series for a period of 94 weeks, delivering 101 individual sessions and generating over 10,232 individual active employee log-ins. Topics included but were not limited to social and racial justice, mental health, bouncing back from burnout and much more.

Additionally, in March 2021, a women’s conference was offered to all employees with sessions as early as 6:30am and as late as 9:00pm with topics including leading through disruption, engagement through community involvement, building an inclusive and respectful culture, and more.

The network has consistently met the daily/weekly changing needs of their employees on a personal and professional level and has created an inclusive space for employees to learn, grow and thrive.


Community Connection & Enhancement Award

Inwood Iron Bridge Project

PennDOT District 8-0 and J.D. Eckman

Manufactured by the Pittsburgh Bridge Company in 1899, the Inwood Iron Bridge is a historic landmark structure of extremely rare design. The bridge allowed for passage across the Swatara Creek for over 100 years until the structure’s closure in 2006 due to its deteriorated condition.

The decision was made to replace the truss with a new steel girder bridge and to rebuild the existing truss in a new park for the Swatara Rail-Trail, all while maintaining much of the historic structure.

A team effort involving PennDOT District 8-0, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the Historic Bridge Foundation, Lebanon County Planning Department, FHWA, numerous Park agencies and other organizations would provide new purpose for the Inwood Iron Bridge for the next century.

Community Connection & Enhancement Award

State Route 18, Section B59, 7th Avenue Betterment Project

PennDOT District 11-0 and A. Liberoni

The project, located primarily in the City of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, has not only improved a deteriorated section of roadway, but has provided several significant enhancements to the business district and overall community.

This project included: the implementation of reverse angle parking; establishment of bicycle lanes; addition of new-signalized left turn lanes; construction of over 140 new ADA Act compliant curb ramps; and the construction of curb extensions, or “bump outs”.

Through strong partnering and communication, the State Route 18, Section B59 project was able to achieve many positive outcomes that span well beyond the pavement. The improved roadway will serve as a backbone for the City of Beaver Falls and hopefully provide the groundwork for future growth and improvements in the community.


PTC Southern Beltway Section 55A2 Project

PA Turnpike Commission, Trumbull Corporation, AECOM, and CDR Maguire

Section 55A2 of PTC’s Southern Beltway was a two-and-a-half year, 2.7-mile project located in Washington County approximately 11 miles south of Pittsburgh International Airport. It included four precast box culverts, one single span precast concrete arch bridge, one single span prestressed concrete bulb-tee bridge, dual single-span composite steel multi-girder bridges, dual eight-span composite steel multi-girder bridges, one full interchange, reconstruction of SR 980, SR 4037, and SR 4012.

From the onset of the project through COVID-19 impacts until final completion, both Trumbull Corporation and the Commission made a constant effort to partner on all issues which lead to a successful project.

The commitment to partnering shown by the team directly impacted the success of this project. The ability to communicate and overcome obstacles on the project at the field level resulted in a successful project for both entities. As a direct result of partnering, this $116 Million-dollar high quality transportation project was delivered on budget and by the contract completion date.


PTC Reconstruction of Milepost A31.34 – A37.39 Project

PA Turnpike Commission, Hill International, and Richard E. Pierson Construction Company

Following the completed widening and reconstruction of the previous eleven miles from Milepost A20-A31, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission continued with the widening and reconstruction of the Northeast Extension with this seven-mile project between Milepost A31-A38 in Lower Salford, Franconia and Salford Townships in Montgomery County.

The project required staged construction for full depth roadway reconstruction and widening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike from two lanes in each direction to three lanes in each direction and replacement of four mainline bridges.

The achievement of substantial completion in 2020 would never have come to fruition without the commitment and determination of the Executive Partners, as well as the commendable level of effort from all field level personnel. The impact of the partnering efforts reach farther beyond the project, as the PTC is in a position to maintain their scheduled letting of new contracts along the Northeast Extension without undue delay.


On-the-Job Training (OJT) Management System

PennDOT’s Bureau of Equal Opportunity and Highway Administration

The PennDOT OJT Program is an equal opportunity program that enables minorities, women and the socially and economically disadvantaged populations to gain highway construction skills. The primary objective of the OJT Program is the training and upgrading of minorities and women toward journeyperson status.

The Bureau of Equal Opportunity, or BEO, is responsible for the administration of the PennDOT OJT Program.

In 2019, PennDOT’s Bureau of Equal Opportunity and Highway Administration began work on the OJT Management System to combine a paper and multiple system process into one, to create a more efficient program and process to be used by contractors. This will allow for more trainee positions to address workforce development concerns in the construction industry.

The OJT MS successfully went live on January 28, 2021 and in a short period of time, documentation has improved with less errors and returns and an increase in timeliness of submitting the program documents. An increase in the number of trainees in the program and training classifications is anticipated, due to this project of building a database for the program and an interface with ECMS.


2020 Community Connection & Enhancement Award

US 22 – Canoe Creek Intersection

PennDOT Engineering District 9-0 / The EADS Group, Inc. / Plum Contracting, Inc. / Federal Highway Administration / Rails to Trails of Central Pennsylvania / Blair County Commissioners / Frankstown Township Supervisors

2020 Community Connection & Enhancement Award

Mon Wharf Pedestrian Bridge

SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. / Clearwater Construction / City of Pittsburgh DOMI / Riverlife

2020 Community Connection & Enhancement Award

Frankford Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation

PennDOT Engineering District 6-0 / Loftus Construction, Inc. / TranSystems /SEPTA / Philadelphia Parks and Recreation


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Southern Beltway 55-A1

Independence Excavating Inc. / PA Turnpike Commission / CDR Maguire / Mackin Engineering Company


Replacement of Bridge No. EB-117 MP 238.09

The EADS Group, Inc. / PA Turnpike Commission/ J.D. Eckman, Inc. / Monaloh Basin Engineers / Alfred Benesch & Company



US 119 Three Bridges

PennDOT District 10 / FHWA / Swank Construction Company, LLC / Erdman Anthony Associates, Inc.


TRUSS District 8 Women’s Support Group





US 219 – Somerset to Meyersdale

  • PennDOT District 9
  • Fay, an i+iconUSA Company
  • New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.
  • L.R. Kimball – a CDI Company


SR 2004 – Section B08 Freedom Crider Road Project

  • PennDOT District 11
  • Independence Excavating, Inc.
  • Michael Baker International
  • SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Construction Consultant Services, Inc.


PA29/100 Over lndian Creek

  • HRI, Inc.
  • PennDOT District 5
  • J.R. Slaw, Inc.
  • Alfred Benesch & Company


PA Turnpike Total Reconstruction & Widening, MP 242- MP 245, York County

  • PA Turnpike Commission
  • Erdman Anthony
  • Trumbull Corporation


SR3045 – Section A01 Waddle Road Interchange

  • PennDOT District 2
  • P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., Consulting Engineers
  • Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
  • Erdman Anthony




Gannett Fleming


Larson Design Group


PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

  • PA Turnpike Commission
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Urban Engineers


Waddle Road Interchange Improvements Project

  • P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., Consulting Engineers
  • Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
  • Patton Township


ECMS 9234 – South Valley Parkway

  • Kriger Construction, Inc.
  • PennDOT District 4



PA Turnpike Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction MP 44-48 in Allegheny Co.
Trumbull Corporation
Hill International
PA Turnpike Commission

New Stanton Interchange (I-70)
PennDOT District 12
Joseph B. Fay Company i+iconUSA

I-78 Reconstruction and Bridge Replacement in Berks County
PennDOT District 5
Trumbull Corporation
JBC Associates

PA Turnpike Repairs to the Delaware River Bridge
PA Turnpike Commission
Michael Baker International
Cornell and Company, Inc.
PKF-Mark III, Inc.

New Baltimore Slide Remediation
PA Turnpike Commission
Independence Excavating, Inc.
Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, LLC

Northeast Extension Roadway Rehabilitation MP A101-A104
PA Turnpike Commission
Pikes Creek Site Contractors
GAI Consultants, Inc.

Accelerated Bridge Construction MP A57.66
PA Turnpike Commission
Road-Con, Inc.
STV Incorporated

Accelerated Bridge Construction MP 20.47
PA Turnpike Commission
Brayman Construction Corp.
STV Incorporated

Community Connection

Crawford County Saegertown Roundabout Projects
PennDOT District 1 Office
Clearwater Construction, Inc.
J.C. Lee Construction and Supply, Inc.

Warner Blvd. Oak Hill Interchange Project
PennDOT District 2 Office
Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.

I-70 Diverging Diamond Interchange Project
PennDOT District 12 Office
Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc.
Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Lackawanna Heritage Valley Powdermill Trail
PennDOT District 4 Office
Pikes Creek Site Contractors (H & K Group)


DiscoverE National Girl Day- District 11 Student Open House
PennDOT District 11 Diversity Committee

Training and Recruiting Minorities and Females on Washington County SR 70 project.
Gulisek Construction LLC

Future Road Builders – Minority Focused Recruitment App
Constructors Association of Western PA
Federal Highway Administration PA Division Office
PennDOT Bureau of Equal Opportunity

PA Turnpike Commission CEO Internship Program
PA Turnpike Commission Office of Diversity and Inclusion